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Explore the benefits of AFib

Astounding Accuracy, Only from Rithmi.

Our algorithm can predict Atrial Fibrillation with an accuracy of almost 93% on average. When the user is resting, our success rates sky-rockets to 99,99% of all the tests we’ve made with our pilot users.

Go to Market Faster with Less Hard Development Processes.

Accelerate the app development process by building your wearable’s user app on top of the AFib API. Experience the benefits of Rithmi’s unique Atrial Fibrillation intelligence without writing a single line of extra code.

Enrich Your Device with Our Unique Heart Wellness Algorithm.

Heart Rate monitor is becoming a must in the wearable industry. But knowing the resting heart rate or peak beats is not enough. With Rithmi’s unique Heart Wellness algorithm, you will be providing real value to your customers, giving them peace of mind about their heart health.

Key Features